CARRIE: Airline Transport Pilot

I started out at the age of 18 wanting to be a career flight attendant. I got my first job at 19 years old as a Customer Service Agent at Westjet where I worked for 18 months. I then applied internally as a flight attendant and got the position. After 6 months I realized I didn't want to be a career flight attendant but didn’t know what else to do. I was then talking to a pilot about how to get a pilot license and heard there was a familiarization flight (also known as Fam-Flight) you could go take with an instructor to see if you liked it. I was hooked instantly as it felt so free. I also had thought to myself, I don’t want to turn 30 and wonder where would I be if I did do it...and I felt I needed to give it a try.

I had some money in the bank that I had saved that was enough for a private license. I was debating whether to get a new car or my PPL. And I obviously ended up with the same old car for a few more years. I did each license one at a time as I didn’t want to look at the whole picture as that to me it looked to difficult to obtain. And that way I could reach my goals in case something else came in the way. I was unable to get a loan for the PPL as it wasn’t considered a career option at that point. Once I completed the PPL I was able to get a line of credit, not a loan, for the rest of my license. I was working full time as a flight attendant while getting my license and living alone so it took me 4 years to complete my entire license and therefore was unable to go thru the college program.

How to get there!

The schools I attended were:

PPL: Fly Right CYBW (Springbank) Doris Giles 403 288 5118

CPL: Namimo Flying Club CZVL (Villeneuve) Bob Smits 403 419 6777

IFR Multi Engine: Morgan Air CYYC (Calgary)
No Longer Available

When I was applying for my first job I had bought the Canadian Aviation Directory in hard copy. I then went to all the pilots I knew and asked them to please go thru it, and recommend any companies. They then went though it to give me a recommend with someone they knew there. So from there I was able to personalize my resumes to each company I applied for. As it’s more who you know not what you know for getting your first job.

My first job was working for Nor-Alta in Fort Vermillion, AB, working as a dispatcher for 6 months then got my first flying job in a Cessna 206. I was then laid off 10 months later and only lucky enough to get my next job within 2 weeks.

Sept 2005, I started flying King Air 200 and Cheyenne II with BarXH in Medicine Hat. Here we flew primarily medevac and seasonal charter. After 8 months, I left Medicine Hat and moved back to Calgary and too another job for Kenn Borek.

In May 2006, I got a rotational position working with Kenn Borek in Inuvik, NWT flying King Air 100 and 200. I also filled in as full time occasionally in the Calgary base. I also worked a summer doing Survey with the US Army Corp thru the United States.

My time after Borek got my into Carson Air flying the Metroliner. This is where I was upgraded to captain and built my time very quickly.

My goals in aviation are to make it to an airline and be able to travel the world with flight benefits as it can be such a great experience.

- Carrie Regamey